The process in which an artist creates their music is always unique, and on Monday (Oct.1), Logic shared the process behind the creation of his new song, "Wu Tang Forever," with his fans.

The MC posted a video on his Instagram that shows him rapping into the mic inside what appears to be a tour bus. As he gets into the rhythm of his lyrics, Logic rocks side to side as he spits his bars. "Recorded Wu Tang Forever while I was on tour this summer," he captioned the post.

“Wu Tang Forever,” which is produced by Naz and 6ix and features the entire Wu-Tang Clan, is the sixth track off his latest album, Young Sinatra IV. The "44 More" rapper delivers hard-hitting lyrics with a smooth delivery. "You cannot defeat my Wu-Tang style," making a play on words considering his featured artists. "I leave them all dismembered, fuck a mumble rap, that shit won't never be remembered."

In addition to the Wu-Tang Clan, vocal appearances are made by Jaden Smith, Wale and Hailee Steinfeld. In an Instagram video from an exclusive early listening, Logic's fans expressed their love for the project. "I was vibing the whole time," says one fan. "I was crying the whole time," another one revealed. One fan shared how much he loved the project by saying it’s his best yet. "That's the best project we've ever heard from the man. It was insane."

Take a look at Logic creating "Wu Tang Forever" below.

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