Logic is back on the East Coast on yet another tour. The difference between his last tour and this one is that he released his first album, Under Pressure, after signing to Def Jam Recordings in the beginning of 2013. This former XXL Freshman is finishing up the U.S. leg of the Under Pressure tour with one more concert on Sunday in Philadelphia, Pa. But before finishing up in the states, the leader of the Ratpack brought his talents back to New York last night (March 13), selling out Webster Hall months before the show.

The show opened with Boston native, Michael Christmas, who used his personality to really get the crowd going. He performed a few songs including “Fuck Wit Me” to hype the audience for Logic. Even though most of the attendees were not familiar with his music, they didn’t hesitate to throw their hands up and jam to his lyricism and presence on stage.

After Christmas was done, the room calmed and the people on the floor and in the balcony dived back into their own side conversations. A few moments later, DJ Rhetorik came on stage and decided to throw on some '90s throwbacks to get everyone back in a concert-like mood. He didn’t just stick to hip-hop but covered old pop, R&B, and even old television tunes like the theme song to the show All That.  He finished up his set with “Tuesday” by iLoveMakonnen.

Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97 hit the stage and hint at Logic headlining his birthday party this summer. It was an irregular transition to Logic’s performance, but hard to notice once the lights went dark and the beat to “Gang Related” started filling the room. The floor vibrating, the crowd hollering, the Visionary Music Group MC came out jumping all over the stage getting everyone to match his energy. Before finishing the full song, he conversed with the crowd about how happy he was to be there. Still getting over feeling under the weather, he made sure that this setback did not affect his performance. He then went onto perform more tracks from his Under Pressure such as “I’m Gone” and “Now.”

After taking a quick water break, he did a snippet of “Alright,” a song that is only included on the deluxe version of his album which features Big Sean. The crowd was hanging on to every word he spit. The Maryland native, trying to amp everyone up more, decided to have a fan come on stage to rap the first verse of “5am.” In full RattPack gear, the fan appeared nervous and anxious, but that did not stop him from rapping the verse perfectly.

Logic made sure not to just include songs from the album, but revisit a couple songs from his last mixtape, Welcome To Forever and his old mixtape Undeniable.  Jumping up and down, fans sang the lyrics along with him to the first verse of “On The Low.” He continued to perform a couple songs from his prior mixtapes such as “Ballin” and “Dead Presidents III.”

Transitioning to the end of his performance, Logic took a few moments to explain the background to “Gang Related” and his song writing process. Not only did he complete the rest of the song he didn’t finish earlier, he used this moment to provide a background story for gang presence in his life. He mentioned his thinking process as he raps from the perspective of his brother on the second verse.

With the crowd dying down from standing for the last few hours, he announced it would be his last song. Everyone shouted in disappointment until they heard, “Till The End,” the outro from his debut LP. Once the song finished, Mr. Young Sinatra disappeared off stage and fans chanted over and over for him to come back on stage for an encore. Thinking there was no performances left, fans started to leave, only to be dragged back by sounds of DJ Rhetorik playing “Under Pressure.” Logic quickly returned to the stage to give everyone what they were asking for. His charisma took over the show, leaving fans satisfied and still wanting more.Breona Garrison

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