There's no question that Logic's music has an impact on a large number of people, as his sales numbers have proven this year. However, it looks like his song "1-800-273-8255," in particular, had such a strong influence on fans that it boosted the calls coming in to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

According to the hotline's website, the release of the track, which comes off of the Maryland rapper's new Everybody album, caused the organization to receive the second highest call volume in history for the day. They reportedly received a total of 4,573 calls that day, which is a 27% increase in the amount of calls they typically get on that same day of the week.

The site also reports that there was more than a 100% spike in Google search for the hotline's phone number on the song's release date, as well as another smaller spike on the day that Everybody dropped (May 5). They also made sure to mention that many users searched the phone number with the terms "lyrics" and "logic," which is how they connected the call and search increase back to the Incredible True Story MC.

Some centers said that there were a slew of callers that even mentioned the song from Logic during their conversations with representatives.

The rapper posted the news on Twitter, writing that "1-800-273-8255" was the "most important song I've ever wrote."

Check out the information about the Lifeline here, and check below to see how Logic has impacted the hotline.

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