Super-crooner Sam Smith pulls up with a new visual for his Logic-assisted "Pray (Remix)," a revisiting of his popular The Thrill of It All track.

The contemplative video finds Smith and Logic brooding in a lush mansion as they ponder the mysteries of acceptance and self-discovery. The focus of the clip shifts between a man with a butterfly growing out of his skin, a group of mysterious dancers and more. We'll let you see it all for yourself.

As is always the case, Bobby Tarantino delivers some super solid bars."They never knew my struggle/Rose above the rubble/Rather live inside they bubble/Than go through the trouble/Of having they double-double vision corrected/They just neglect it," the DMV rapper spits on the track, which blends the best of both its performers.

For his part, Sam Smith offers up some similarly reflective lyrics as he floats over the track. "I'm young and I'm foolish, I made bad decisions/I block out the news, turn my back on religion/Don't have no degree, I'm somewhat naïve/I've made it this far on my own/But lately, that shit ain't been gettin' me higher/I lift up my head and the world is on fire," he sings.

Check out Sam Smith and Logic's new video for "Pray" below. Read what Logic has to say about the first anniversary of his Everybody album when you're done.

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