After tackling suicide in 2017's "1-800-273-8255," Logic is back with another socially conscious video. Directed by Andy Hines, the "One Day" visual tells the story of two teenage boys living opposite lives.

The video starts with a Mexican family trying to escape from the U.S. border patrol. A woman, played by actress Judy Reyes, has her baby taken away from her while her older son in separated as well.

The visuals then flip to a White child enjoying his birthday party with his family. As the video progress, the viewer is taken into the future as the lives of the two children play out. The Mexican boy is raised by a foster family and does well in school, while the White child goes down a path of racism, becoming a White Nationalist.

The "One Day" video culminates with the White man crossing paths with the Mexican man, after he is stabbed in a bar fight and has his life saved by the Mexican man who is now a doctor and performs a life-saving surgery on him.

Actors Michael Pena and Luis Guzman also make appearances in the video, as well as singer Ryan Tedder, who assists Logic with the song's chorus.

Up next for Logic, the rapper is set to perform at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. While it's uncertain which song the rapper will be performing, it's not far-fetched to think he'll use his platform to perform "One Day."

Check out the "One Day" video below.

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