Logic's new album AfricAryaN is slated to drop in 2017. Yesterday (Oct. 3), video surfaced of the Maryland rapper discussing the album title on Dan Harmon's podcast.

The Gaithersburg, Md. artist delves into what the album means, describing how it relates to both Logic individually and to mankind as a whole. The 26-year-old MC says he put the words 'Africa' and 'Aryan' together, and he defines this hybrid word as the cultural evolution of man. You can view the video above via Twitter.

He says, "Scientifically proven, the first man and woman [are] from Africa, and over time, culturally evolving into a lighter and lighter and much more fairer skin. So the album is going to be called AfricAryaN. And it's about me being black and white and seeing life from two sides."

Logic continues, "And once again, about that cultural evolution and how you can go from the darkest of skin to the lightest of skin. Or the Aryan brotherhood if you will, who believe that they're 'pure of blood.' When, at the end of the day, we all have that in our blood, and we all have so many different ethnicities in our blood, no matter how pure we think we are. At the end of the day, life should be about peace, love and positivity and about equality for all - every man, woman and child that walks the Earth. And that's what I'm saying on this entire album."

In case you missed it, Marvel unveiled a couple new hip-hop variant covers, and one of them is a play on Logic’s last album The Incredible True Story. The series also flips album covers like Pusha T‘s Darkest Before Dawn and Tech N9ne’s Sickology 101 as well as ’90s classics like De La Soul’s De La Soul Is Dead and Cypress Hill’s Cypress Hill IV. The latest batch of Marvel covers includes work from artists like Felipe Smith, Nelson Blake II, Guru-eFX, Omar Casanova, Wil Quintana, Ray-Anthony Height, Rob Schwager and STONEHOUSE.

Logic also recently appeared on a track called "All of Me" with Big Gigantic. He raps, “What the fuck would I stay for/Why the fuck would I pay for her/Stunting is just gonna kill me/Nikki, I’m still me but I’m just better/It’s been six months since we touched last/But I grow fast with this letter/And I swear to God that I’m better.”

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