Next month, Logic is slated to release his highly-anticipated Everybody album, and with how epic the artwork already is, we know that we're in for some big surprises. The Maryland rapper went ahead and dropped the video for his newly-released "Black SpiderMan" track, featuring Damian Lemar Hudson, which are some feel-good visuals for fans and viewers. The new song and video follows in the footsteps of his recently released "Everybody" title track.

The Gaithersburg native can be seen rapping on top of a parade float that's rolling through a suburban neighborhood, where he is accompanied by a piano, as well as a gospel choir. As he steps off of the float to walk alongside it, he's greeted by a female jogger, whom he lands a kiss on, before recruiting neighborhood residents to join him for his celebrations over his bi-racial roots. The growing crowd then follows him into a mysterious alleyway, where they dance as a cohesive group before finding a man dressed in a Spiderman costume watching from an above balcony. Soon, the man in the costume reveals himself as Hudson, with the vocalist representing himself as the black Spiderman.

Logic's Everybody album is set to drop officially on May 5, and we can expect more details to emerge over the project in the coming weeks. While we already know that there is a documentary surrounding the album on the way, hopefully we'll be able to hear some more previews from the tracklist in the near future.

Peep the visuals for the rapper's "Black SpiderMan" track with Damian Lemar Hudson below.

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