Logic stirred up a little controversy last year when he titled his forthcoming album AfricAryan. In an interview from 2016, the MC spoke about why he decided to name the album what he titled it and included some geographic details behind the meaning.

“The first man and woman [are] from Africa, and over time, culturally evolving into a lighter and lighter and much more fairer skin. So the album is going to be called AfricAryaN. And it’s about me being black and white and seeing life from two sides,” Logic said.

He then changed the title of the album to Everybody. In Logic’s new interview with HardKnockTV, he opened up and explained why he decided to change the title. He also said the album is a "sci-fi take on religion."

“Yeezy changed his album like 16,000 times so it is what it is. For me, I really stand behind what that title means,” he says. “The whole album leads up to that one song ("AfricAryaN") which is just to talk about how I feel like I'm pulled in one or another direction. Black folk who don't realize I'm mixed will treat me like I'm some racist person, or when white people find out I'm black, they treat me with racism and I don't feel like I belong or fit in anywhere. So that's what that term was about. It is a negative statement, I'm either one or the other. As I created the album, the album just became less about me and more about everybody else. It became about other people's struggles. I was discussing race on this album because I was so scared to do it before and I realized that it’s the things that we’re most scared to do that is going to help others the most.”

He also says the album was originally called God. "And not in any type of sacrilegious way. It's literally an album about God in a very beautiful way. It's not hindering any religion, it's almost a sci-fi take on religion and respecting everyone and all this other stuff." He gets into all this around the 1:00 mark in the clip below.

In other news, Logic broke a record to bring in his new year. The Maryland rapper hit over a billion streams.

His new album Everybody is slated to drop on May 5. Check out the full interview below.

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