Both G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks and Atlanta producer Shawty Redd were released from jail yesterday (January 12), according to MTV News.

As previously reported, Banks was arrested along with three other associates last weekend for an alleged dispute with a Canadian promoter. All four men were charged with forceful confinement, aggravated assault and robbery and held by authorities in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada.

Although they were released on bail on Tuesday, Banks and associate Nicklas Sloane have been detained by Canadian Immigration officials. As of press time the exact reason for why the men remained in custody is unknown but a review is scheduled for this week. At that point they may be allowed to return back to the US.

Update: Banks is on his way home after attending an immigration hearing earlier today (January 13). He has posted $50,000 bail.

Longtime Young Jeezy beatmaker Shawty Redd had no problems making it home. The hitmaker, who has been locked up since New Years day for allegedly murdering a man after a dispute in his house, was set free on $200,000 bail yesterday. Redd will have to stay in Henry County and wear an ankle bracelet to monitor his whereabouts. He has a preliminary hearing tentatively scheduled for February 3. —Elan Mancini

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