Lloyd Banks is free to ride his Beamer, Benz, and/or Bentley back to Canada again. A lawyer for G-Unit sent out a press release to XXLMag.com stating that all of the criminal charges against the Queens rapper have been dismissed, stemming from an assault charge from earlier this year.

As previously reported, Banks and three other associates were arrested in January of 2010 for allegedly roughing up Canadian club promoter Chris Hines following a dispute over payment at Club NV in Blandford. All four men were been charged with forceful confinement, aggravated assault and robbery and detained by immigration officials returning to American soil.

Scott E. Leemon, Esq., Bank’s attorney, relayed a message from LB concerning the latest developments in the case. "Banks would like to thank his Canadian counsel, Patrick Ducharme, and the authorities in Ontario for 'doing the right thing' after a careful and neutral evaluation of the facts. It is good to see the system actually worked."

Banks is currently working on his new album, The Hunger for More 2. —Elan Mancini

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