President Barack Obama's appreciation for rap music has been well-documented throughout his seven-plus years in office. In mid-January, he tapped Wale to perform before his final State of the Union Address, and just this past weekend, he said "I love J. Cole" at a fundraising event for the Democratic National Committee in Austin, TX where Cole was performing.

It is consistent then, with his tastes and overall cool-dad demeanor, that the President participated in a freestyle exhibition with Hamilton star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. After the cast of Hamilton performed several of the show's hits for a crowd in the White House's East Room, Miranda and Obama stepped out to the property's Rose Garden for a presidential-themed freestyle. "This is some serious business right here," Obama says before holding up cards with key words like "Obamacare" and "Supreme Court" on them for Miradna to freestyle about. It's a grin-inducing bit not necessarily for Miranda's skills on the mic but for the union of the two personalities.

You think that’s going viral? That’s going viral." Catch the clip down low and start your stopwatches as it's only a matter of time before Obama's "drop the beat" makes it's way into a song.

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