XXL's own 2011 Freshman class graduate, Lil Twist, has had quite an eventful 2017. He was released from prison in March after serving only seven and a half weeks of a year long sentence. He then released his Young Carter mixtape featuring three guest appearances from Lil Wayne. Perhaps in homage to the man who's stayed in his corner, Twist got "Loyal" tatted on his face in Hebrew.

In the video posted to Lil Twist's Instagram account, the 24-year-old rapper receives an in-home tattoo session from Herchell Carrasco of Pachuco Tattoo, a parlor located in Orange County, Calif. In the minute long video, Twist also gets two other tattoos; one of the name "Alexandra" and the other of a red rose. The track "Bugatti" by Lil Twist, featuring Lil Wayne, plays throughout the video. Below is the Instagram post, the video is captioned "Twizzy Tat Session @rockrollg @ashtonkingg YOUNG MULA"

Twist was in prison for his assault on former Nickelodeon star Chris Massey. In November of 2014, the rapper allegedly broke into his brother Kyle Massey's house and beat up Chris while wearing brass knuckles. The Los Angeles County District Attorney forced a number of charges against Twist, the most notable being two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, grand theft and battery. If he was convicted on all charges, Twist would have faced up to 25 years in prison. He went on to plead no contest to six different charges. During the course of the case, Twist was arrested for failing to show up to court.

Watch the Instagram clip below.

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