Introducing XXL Freshman Lil Twist

Gov’t Name: Christopher Moore
Age: 18
Reppin’: Dallas
Notable Releases: Singles: “The Leak,” featuring Lil Wayne, 2009, and “Little Secret,” featuring Bow Wow, 2010; Mixtapes: Yearbook and Class President, both 2009, The Takeover: Carte Blanche Edition, 2010
Currently Working On: Recording debut album, Don’t Get It Twisted, due summer 2011
Label: Young Money/Universal Motown
Aligned With: Lil Wayne, Young Money and Cash Money
Side Hustle: Auditioning for film and TV roles; going on Lil Wayne’s I Am Still Music Tour




On Being a 2011 XXL Freshman: “I’m just blessed, and I’m glad that XXL saw the hard work that I was putting in over the past year. I’m going to capitalize heavy off of it. I already have my rollout plan. I already know what’s about to go down. It’s about to be great, man. I got so much material. I got so much major material that I’m about to put out—features, collaborations that you wouldn’t expect, and then collaborations that you would expect—just crazy records. Big things coming up, besides music. Sitcoms and cartoons on major cartoon networks. I got some big things about to pop off that I won’t let my Freshman squad down.

[When I got the call to be a Freshman] me and Justin Bieber was on vacation. That’s like my best friend, my little brother. We just took a vacation [to St. Lucia], and once I did get the call we just wild-out at the house we were at.

I always wanted to be a Freshman. [My favorite former Freshmen are] Wiz, Big Sean, Wale, Asher Roth [and] Nipsey. I rock with Nipsey. Once I seen the cover with Wale, I think that was the first cover I ever saw, and once I saw that and people was telling me what it took to be on there I wanted to be in it. Then once I got the call from my publicist that I actually had the opportunity to be on it I was like, ‘Wow!’ It kind of like blew my mind. I’m just blessed and glad that XXL saw the hard work that I was putting in over the past year. I’m going to capitalize heavy off of it. I already have my rollout plan. I already know what’s about to go down. It’s about to be great, man. It means a lot. I felt it was a big career move. I have to capitalize off this title now; so I definitely got a lot of things up my sleeves. I think it was a big move [and] I gotta be ready for it.

My whole swag is different. My whole style is different from everybody that was on that cover, and vice versa. Nobody on that cover is like me; they got they own style. My music is different, for different people.

[In the future] I definitely, really wanna work with Wiz, which is my big homie. We’re real cool. And my big homie Wale too. We got some stuff already in the works, so real soon I’m gonna have something with them two dudes that I’ma be able to put out.

I started wanting to be [an artist] when I was 7 years old. I just met this [guy] from where I’m from in Dallas, and I told him I wanted to be a rapper and we hooked up from there. By the time I was 10 years old I had the No. 1 song in my city, 'The Texas Twist,' for like six weeks straight. So, I was already getting props from different people. It was a little dance song. I was a little kid, and Greg Street was the first person to break it for me. I met Birdman back then, which he still remembers to this day. I lost contact with everybody from there, [but] I went to a city like an hour away from Dallas when I found out Lil Wayne was down there. I begged his manager to put me on stage and they [did]. From there I ripped it, and I been with Young Money ever since. They start flying me to Atlanta to see how I could do in the studio, to see if it transforms from the stage to the studio, and I did great. They signed me on the spot after that. Well not after that, a few years later.

I just wanna spread my message, and I really do have like a big message. I don’t want anybody to fail. I want everybody to know that it’s hard to come up from the struggle, but you can definitely do it. So I just wanna spread my message, because it’s a good one. Everybody wants that Freshman spot, and everybody wants that Grammy. But I just make good music. That’s how I go in the studio feeling about myself. I’m gonna go after that Freshman spot, I’m gonna go after that Grammy. That’s why I know I will have longevity in this game."


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