Lil Mama last released an album back in 2008. That's a long time ago, especially in the current state of the music industry. In the meantime, she's unfortunately been the brunt of a lot of jokes. But the Brooklyn rapper finally returned this past December with a mixtape called Take Me Back. It looks like Lil Mama has plans to get back in the swing of things as she's released her own remix of Rihanna's hit single "Work."

This new version of "Work" clocks in at just under two minutes and still maintains part of Rihanna's original lyrics. The remix sees Lil Mama putting her spin on the track with a new verse hyping up her plans for 2016.

"Wind down through my timeline, yeah I caught him lurking/Liking all my pic like he tryna put that work in/He ain't know I be in my bag, I'm in my Birken/Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I left him jerking/For certain, you gon' get this work, this is not an option/2016 got a lot of music dropping/Tell the promoters we gon' get the club popping/If ain't about the money then we ain't talking/I'm with some bosses, my company flooded with bosses/I'm in designer, I cop, I rock it, It's flawless," Lil Mama raps."

As for the music video, Lil Mama is seen dancing with some friends as she does her best Rihanna impression. After being the center of attention for most of the video, Lil Mama's backup dancers come in to perform some more elaborate moves as Rihanna's part of the remix begins to play.

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