Lil Mama returned to The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (Jan. 12) and discussed, among other things, her previous appearance in which Charlamagne joked about her looks and music and made the rapper cry. While Charlamagne wouldn't outright apologize, he does come off as remorseful, and Lil Mama explained that the tears were from dealing with the loss of her mother.

"The reason why I got emotional is because I was talking about my mother and at the time, I hadn’t really come out about how I felt about it," she said. "In that moment when I came to talk to y’all, that was the first time that I ever sat down with a group of people and discussed it."

The group also discussed an incident in which Lil Mama's father allegedly pulled a gun on DJ Envy and the many memes poking fun at the female MC. "I was able to relate to the comedy around it," Lil Mama said of the memes. "I wasn’t that deep into it at the moment. When you see something like that you take it with a grain of salt."

The internet slander of Mama and Bow Wow being the same person has been heavy over the years, but the rapper embraces. According to her, he's a "living legend" because he "put in the work." "Bow Wow has over 20 years of success in this business,” she said. “You can’t offend me by comparing me to somebody who’s great and handsome. So if you saying we look good, then I’m cool.”

In the time since Lil Mama had last appeared on The Breakfast Club, the rapper had filled in for Left Eye in the TLC biopic as well as a few TLC shows. Lil Mama said that the experience was rewarding and that working with T-Boz and Chilli presented new challenges to her.

"They work hard," she said. "I gotta give it to Tionne, because she’s very raw. With Tionne I felt more of a connection because she’s more outspoken. Chili she more so wanted to kind of give me my space. Together as a group I was able to learn a lot form both of them."

She continued: "When I played Left Eye, it helped me to see things about myself. It taught me discipline, it taught me respect, it taught me etiquette. Coming in the game, I was raw, that’s how incidents like running up on stage [at the 2009 VMAs] happened."

Lil Mama's new EP Take Me Back is available now on the rapper's website.

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