Social media stunts have gotten crazier and dangerous every day and rapper Lil Gnar decided to take it one step further, getting shot at point-blank range with a handgun while wearing a bulletproof vest.

In the video which has been posted on YouTube, Instagram and more, an unknown man can be seen asking Lil Gnar if he really wants to go through with the shooting. "Yeah nigga, fuck it! Let's go," the rapper says before taking a swig of Hennessy.

The man then pulls the trigger on the gun, as a bullet casing can be heard hitting the floor. Lil Gnar lets out a loud groan before sitting down. The two then check to see if the bullet went through the vest, which luckily it didn't.

The video has racked up a ton of views online but many have been quick to call the shooting fake. "Fake lol he shot a blank at him," wrote one person on Instagram. "Its a fake the bullet was already in the vest and dude was way too close to be shooting a nigga," another person added.

The "Gnarcotic Gang" rapper plans to soon drop his Gnar Lif3 album. Featuring 11 songs, the project will include guest appearances from Lil Skies, Idk and Zillakami. Skies actually appears on two songs on Gnar Lif3, including "Grave!" and "Drop Top Benz."

Check out the video below.

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