Lil Dicky is preparing his fans for the upcoming release of his short film, Pillow Talking, and we're finally getting a small taste of what we can expect. The Pennsylvania native just released a teaser trailer to the film, which will act as some sort of music video for the single of the same name off his Professional Rapper debut album.

While the full visuals will release on April 12, Dicky fans can build their hype off of the new 24-second clip. The trailer features a camera panning through the key hole of a door, before seeing an intimate sex scene going down between the 2016 XXL Freshman and his one night stand. The actual film is reportedly 11 minutes long, which sees the couple talking about random topics before getting into a heated debate over aliens and God.

This is a different direction for Lil Dicky, and it comes after his debut album became the No. 1 rap album, No.1 comedy album, No. 1 independent album, and No. 1 digital album on the Billboard charts following its release.

Check out the trailer for "Pillow Talking" below.

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