For a label that held down the South's underground in the mid-2000s, it's been a rough ride recently for Trill Ent; since 2008, label co-owners Melvin Vernell Jr. and Marcus “Turk” Roach have seen jail time for a shooting that took place in 2009, rapper Lil Phat was tragically gunned down in 2012, and Lil Boosie has been in jail on drug charges, beating a murder rap along the way. But today, news has been confirmed that Lil Boosie finally has a release date, set for August of 2014. His imminent release is one of the bright spots to look forward to in 2014, with the possibility of new Boosie tracks a mouth-watering proposition.

Another recent loss for Trill, however, has been longtime in-house producer Mouse On Tha Track, who worked for the label since the 2004 Boosie and Webbie album Gangsta Musik and helmed a number of huge hits throughout the years. Mouse's contract was up, leaving him a free agent, and he's since found himself working with artists like Rocko and Kevin Gates on new material. But when Boosie gets out, Mouse wants to get back in the studio. "He like to work, he like to get it in, and it's just fun," Mouse says. "That's what we want to do—make music, get paid for it... I wanna make sure he puts together a quality album."

XXL hopped on the phone with Mouse to talk about some of his favorite tracks with Lil Boosie, from classics like "Wipe Me Down" and "Zoom" to deeper cuts like "Swerve" and "Cartoon," one of the last tracks the two made together. "We recorded in Motel 6's, we were recording in Days Inn Hotels, we were just getting it in," Mouse says about that time period. "It was the grind that we was on. Aw man, we coulda had a reality show for real, and I think that would've been very entertaining to these people." —Dan Rys (@danrys)

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 Gangsta Musik (2004)

Mouse: That was the first beat I gave him, the first time we met in the studio I gave him that "Swerve" beat. He was like, man, what do you hear on that beat? I was like, man, I don't know what I hear, but I could see somebody coming through and swervin' on it, and that's how he came up with the song. He just laid it down, he came up off my energy, off my vibe.

That's what got me signed. Together when Gangsta Musik came around, that's what got me signed. Just bringing them hits, they wanted the joints, and we made it official. They had an in-house producer at first, but I don't know what happened, he went another route, and I just stepped up and held it down.

"Wipe Me Down" (Remix) featuring Webbie and Foxx
Bad Azz (2006)

Mouse: Aw, man, we were just playing around beating on a locker in the office. We were just chanting, I was beating on the locker, and we were singing, "Wipe me down," and all that good stuff. I came back and had a beat for it, and Boosie just went in and laced it up. We put it together. We were just having fun in the office, beating on the locker, freestyling, drinking that good liquor, just chanting, and we made a couple of lines. I had the beat already that I made, but we didn't have a hook for it yet. And we sat down and were like, man, we were chanting this in the office earlier, let's try to make that a song. And then we put it together, we pieced it up.