TRUTH: On Being A 2014 XXL Freshman: “I’m glad I am on this cover, but I want my own cover. I can’t wait until that day. It’s big for the city, Chicago. After the cover drop, I’m thinking about throwing a party in Chicago. Bring some Lambos out or something. Something some people don’t usually see in Chicago.”

I’m from 79th Street. We don’t read magazines. The Freshmen though, it’s always been stuck in my head. I’ve never really bought a magazine before. So I can’t even tell you who is on last year’s or the year before that. I just know a couple of people off the magazine. Some of the guys don’t reach their full potential though. I’m glad [XXL] sees the potential in me. I’m working hard. I’m getting stressed out with all these rappers and this rap shit. I’m still working through it though.

This ain’t for no street niggas, man. You gotta learn how to maneuver around this shit. You gotta learn how to phony kick it. I don’t like this shit at all. I just gotta do it though. This shit is just so fake to me, man. The niggas would be cool and try to stunt on you from day to day. And you drop a hot song, ‘Oh, what’s up?’ The day before that, they see you and act like they don’t know you. This shit is so funny for me.

I really don’t want to be famous, but I need 10 million dollars. I need 10 million, and I might relax a little bit. You can’t relax ’cause the fans won’t let you relax. I guess I gotta just go through with it. I think the biggest thing is patience. You gotta have some patience with this shit. I just be thinking about just flipping out on some people, but I gotta just keep calm and be to myself.”—As Told To Eric Diep