Reddit has had some major hip-hop artists on their Ask Me Anything sessions in the past, and the latest artist to participate is Mississippi native Big K.R.I.T. Fresh off of releasing his latest project, Cadillactica, K.R.I.T. answered questions from fans including what video games he's playing, what working with The Roots was like, what his dream collaboration would be, and more.

Check out some of the interesting Q&A's from the AMA session.

Hey K.R.I.T. congrats on releasing Cadillactica, its great. Do you still see yourself releasing mixtapes at the same rate you've always been, or are you gonna start shifting to an album-only approach? Also wanted to know what video games you've been playin lately.
Im still gonna do mixtapes. thing is i treat my mixtapes like albums so it still takes time. Im on that NBA 2k my player and call of duty now.

Krit. How was working with the roots like.
mind blowing!!!! I never would of imagined id have the opportunity to feature on one of there records.

Hey K.R.I.T what would your dream collab album be?
A song with Outkast

Favorite cereal? And whats ya all time favorite album, hip hop or not?
favorite cereal is cinnamon toast crunch. Ill say one of my all time favorite albums would have to be Willie Hutch "The Mack"K.R.I.T. if you weren't rapping what would you be doing instead?
id probably be working for the railroad. its good money in driving trains pimpinWas there ever a point where you thought rap wasn't going to work out?
yep in 2009 when i had to choose between eating or paying my cell phone bill.

What was BB King like to work with/ talk to?
the coolest laid back person ever.

whats the fastest you've ever thrown on the mound?

Who's been your biggest non-southern hip-hop influence?

KRIT, if you could go back in time and jump on a UGK track, which one would it be?

Who are your favourite current rappers, and how do you think you compare with them in terms of quality projects?
Big Sant and Smoke DZA are the rappers i listen to alot right now.

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