Want Me Bad

Kyle and Cousin Stizz have just come through with "Want Me Bad," a song that finds the two rappers pushing away from anyone who'd try to bring them down. Featuring uplifting lyrics and a bright instrumental, it's definitely a song for anyone trying to stay on the right track no matter what.

Kyle handles the dope half-sung hook for the song that honestly sounds like a track that would make Kid Cudi proud. "I know they want me bad/I see them down and out/I know they want me bad," he sings in the chorus. He continues his sing-song flow in his verse when he touches on all of the jealous fakers that have plagued his life up to this point.

After Kyle is Boston's own Cousin Stizz, who uses his verse to shoot down those who'd try to stop his come-up from the streets. "I dun' spent my whole life on a drug deal/All my old plugs try to tell me do the rap thing/I can live my life like they never will," he raps on the track.

All in all, "Want Me Bad" is a dope new track from two guys we wouldn't mind seeing hit the studio again soon. In other Kyle-related news, back in January, the rapper took part in the #OptimisticChallenge with Chance The Rapper. For the Twitter video, Kyle and Chano danced to Sounds of Blackness’ “Optimistic," showcasing some pretty impressive moves in the process. You can see the video for yourself here.

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