Kreayshawn hasn’t seen much success since the short lived famed of her hit “Gucci, Gucci.” After making only $0.01 off her debut album, the rapper has pretty much faded out of the public eye until recently when she recanted the memory of being catfished.

According to Kreayshawn, between 2009-11 she began exchanging emails with a person she perceived to be producer, Diplo after getting one of her videos posted on the Mad Decent blog. Encouragement from who she the thought was Diplo drove her to pursue her rap career but things went left with their conversations went from music to sex. The person started to send illicit pics and even asked Kreayshawn for a sex tape.

To get to the bottom of his messages Kreayshawn DM’d Diplo asking him about the pics. During their exchange, she realized that she had been played when the producer explained that he had a tattoo around his privates as well as a different email than the one that contacted her.

After the mix up the two would later work together on her track “Twerkin!!!” Check out Kreayshawn as she talks about her catfish experience below.


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