A week after Fetty Wap and Masika Kalysha welcomed their newborn daughter into the world, there's a new baby-related dispute taking hip-hop's front and center. An Instagram user named @vlive_torij posted a screen shot of a text to the photo sharing platform, effectively putting Kirko Bangz on blast for, as she claims, neglecting the child that he had with her. Bangz though, in his own Instagram posts, denies even knowing the woman.

The text comes from a man named Kirk, which is Kirko's real first name, and reads, "Know what I’m really done here with u and everything else you put me through nothing but hell if I don’t wanna see my daughter then lemme be!! U ain’t shit and never will be… Just some hoe I fucked and unfortunately got pregnant….. I’m changing my number after this too I wan’t y’all gone and out my life I’ll give you 1,000 who I get done with this tour but after that ion want shit to do with y’all at all no one is ever gonna take u serious u only good for 1 thang babygirl face them facts"

The photo is then captioned with, "I sit here and wonder wtf is going through my Babydaddys head @kirkobangz . He can give these little hoes he meets on tour his dick & more , make more time for them than he can with his own children. He rather be with ig famous models ( @therealkarlaj ) own up to having kids . He talks about what I’ve put him through …. Like look at what you’ve put ME through . You’re so cheap too , 1000? What the fuck is that suppose to do for me . You aren’t shit , I hate you.”

Taken at face value, the post is pretty incriminating, painting Kirko as not only neglectful and cheap, but disrespectful to what would be both his child and the child's mother. But in four Instagram videos, the first of which is included up above, the rapper flat out denies even knowing the woman, saying that if he did have a baby by her, he would surely be paying more than $1,000.

"That girl is not real, she a catfish. That little child belong to somebody else. Nobody ever seen that girl before in they life. If she real tell that bitch to post a video tell her to pull up at the studio. I’m in Houston right now," he said. In later videos, all of which are included below, Kirko explains that the user had initially tagged him in a photo of his niece but then changed the caption. "If I had a child," he continues, "I wouldn’t be on child support because I would be one hell of a motherfuckin’ father to my child. So I just feel like that shit disrespectful. I don’t fuck around like that."

Take in the he said, she said evidence below, as Kirko Bangz understandably wants to clear the air on this whole incident.


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