Code Green drops his first visual of 2017, choosing to release the music video for his "Too Silly" remix featuring King Mez. The video, which is directed by ARX and animated by Aniports, fuses live action and anime to create a amazing visual for CG and King Mez. The track is off of Code Green's debut project 7 Day Trip, which is out now.

"The original record, it was very special and we wanted to give it a new life," Green explains through email. "Mez has always loved the song and has always been a big supporter of us. So Mez was able take the original concept and share his side of the story. And Evo wasn't on the original record, so he was able to bring his vibes to the remix also. Overall it was great refresh for the song and just a fun experience in general."

For King Mez fans, they have been waiting for a project from the West Coast native since his work on Dr. Dre’s album Compton. Back in 2015, XXL caught up with Mez, who talked about an upcoming EP.

“I’m working on my EP,” he told XXL over the phone. “It probably won’t be too long [until it drops]. Dre has been helping me with it. It’s coming out real good. I haven’t been working on it very long. Throughout the process of me working with Dre, there may have been amazing songs that may not have fit Dre’s album but fit mine, the sound of my music. The sound of my project is completely different. It’s definitely exciting. Throughout the process I was working on my own stuff, too, but now I’m really getting focused on it.”

Watch the video for the "Too Silly" remix below.

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