King Louie went on Instagram today (June 14) to share a disturbing video of a police officer stomping on a man's head. The video shows a cop attempting to subdue a man for an unknown reason when another cop arrives at the scene. The second officer calls for backup before stomping on the defenseless man's head. It appears that the man went unconscious as a result of the brutal attack. King Louie voiced his disgust over the cop's behavior in the caption of his post.

"#ThePoliceBeWildAsFuck #WhyHePullUpSoOC❓ #DontYouFuckingBite #Questionable Say wat did that Brother do 2 u or ur partner that made u kick him n his face like u did❓ thought u were pose 2 protect & serve the people & u kno u B'n recorded so u jus kno y'all #Gang jus that bad," King Louie wrote. "Y'all above the law huh❓ #NoJusticeNoPeace #HeShouldBeFiredNotSuspended #HeShouldBeLockedUp #PayThatBrother #Repost #WasntThere."

One of the hashtags that King Louie used in his caption said "wasn't there," so it appears that this video was not taken by the Chicago rapper. Louie's recognition certainly has helped spread awareness about the incident as the video currently has over 13,000 views.

King Louie was involved in his own life threatening experience last December when the rapper was shot just a few days before Christmas. Luckily, the rapper survived the shooting scare. Louie was left with two broken ribs, two bullets lodged in his chest and a bullet in his head.

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