Determined to secure his rightful spot amongst hip-hop's elite, Baltimore rapper King Los thrives on pushing the envelope with his distinctive lyrical content and incomparable flow. With more than 10 mixtapes under his belt and collaborations with artists like French Montana and Kid Ink, there's no denying the man's work ethic or skill. While some artists may lose their way after departing or getting cut from a label, the tenacious 32-year-old rapper continues to make waves in the music circuit after amicably leaving Bad Boy Records/Interscope Records. Now with his new label RCA supporting his movement, King Los is ready to let the world know who he really is, what he has to offer, and why he wasn't given the title of "Best Lyricist" for nothing.

King Los recently chopped it up with XXL to discuss the transition period from one label to another, making an appearance in the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher, upcoming projects, and how fatherhood has influenced him to become an even better man than he was before.

"Life in general is a blessing right now. Now that I'm with RCA, it's a new opportunity...a fresh look," said Los. "You know Puff is actually executive producing my project, so the Bad Boy essence is still there. Puff helped me get out of the Interscope deal scot–free. That's my bro. He calls me, FaceTimes me regularly, we go on trips. Puff is honestly like my big brother...that's my family." As for the relationships he's built at his new record label, King Los had this to say: "RCA is excited for what I have to offer. We just clicked amazingly. Things have worked out pretty nicely and I finally have an A&R that gives a f**k."

Amongst the topic of all things new, yesterday (Oct. 23) Los dropped a new record called "Only One Of Me," which he believes will ease fans into discovering his true talent and story, even for those who aren't familiar with his music. On The Mekanics and Mixx-produced track, Los is on a confidence high as he raps about the impossibility of his originality being duplicated. The gap between newly released tracks won't spread too wide, as Los revealed he'll be cooking up some fire when he hits the studio with The Alchemist next week.

"I always try to take the approach that I'm in some way different and I'm always searching for whatever that difference is. With my approach, my flow, some of the words I use and the way I use those words, I just wanted to separate myself. I feel like I spoke it in a frequency that people are more receptive to. So when I was doing "Only One Of Me", I wanted to do something that was relative...something that people would love to hear right now, but I wanted to do it in my way so it was still in that essence; only one of me. It's like a setting a part record for me. It's a set-off record, like a first impression kind of thing. So for anyone who's listening for the first time, they'll get all the elements."

Some fans might have received their first taste of Los during the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher when he spit alongside David Banner, Snow Tha Product, Treach and Vic Mensa. Despite receiving the call a day before the taping to do the show, Los proved it to be ample time to show out and show up. Logic, who was also given the title of "Best Lyricist" over Kendrick Lamar by Lupe Fiasco, was in attendance.  Although the two were unable to chop it up about Lupe's comments due to scheduling, Los welcomed the praise.

"Honestly they're just's just stuff that people say. Lupe, being one of the dopest lyricists, his opinion has so much voracity behind it because of who he is lyrically. I'm a Kendrick fan, don't get me wrong. I think Kendrick is dope. I just think it boils down to lyricists respecting lyricists. I respect Kendrick, he respects me, but I think everyone should feel like they're better than the next person. Before I even knew who Kendrick was, I always felt like I was going to be one of the dopest."

As for the future, Los sees nothing but "greatness." The Baltimore native plans to make the most of his life and the blessings that were bestowed upon him. One of those blessings includes his adorable fashion-forward son Brixton, who he claims has helped him grow and appreciate life on a larger scale. Musically, he is looking to produce a memorable feel with his upcoming project, something that'll last beyond his attention-getting verses. Driven off wanting to be the best, Los wants to sustain a lane of his own where authentic lyrics outshine mediocre hooks.—Morgan Murrell