Kidd Kidd has been released from prison after posting a total of $105,000 in bail today (July 6). The 2015 XXL Freshman posted $5,000 bond for his New York case in criminal court. He also posted $100,000 bond after appearing in Supreme Court in front of the Judge Larry Stephen. Stephen instructed Kidd Kidd that he has to turn himself in to New Orleans police by Thursday end of day. He was released right from the courtroom following the hearing and arrangements are being made for him to turn himself into NOLA authorities.

Kidd was arrested before the 2015 XXL Freshman concert on June 30 for allegedly assaulting and strangling a woman in a domestic dispute a matter of months ago. The "Ejected" MC was in protective custody at Rikers Island over the 4th of July weekend for an out of state warrant for strangulation in the second degree.

"We are very happy that Judge Stephen did the right thing and allowed Kidd Kidd to turn himself in to New Orleans," said attorney Scott Leemon, Kidd Kidd's lawyer. "These allegations are insane and our investigation will continue." Tony Yayo took to Instagram to show that the youngest member of G-Unit is out of jail (see below).

Fresh out Rikers @kiddkiddrg

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Last week Leemon dispelled the allegations that Kidd allegedly assaulted and strangled a woman in a domestic dispute to XXL in an exclusive statement. He said that Maurita Robinson—the woman accusing Kidd Kidd—filed allegations that "are totally baseless" and that "they were made four months later by a woman who has a history of making false allegations against Mr. Stewart." G-Unit added in a statement that “50 Cent and G-Unit fully support Kidd Kidd in this matter.”