2017 XXL Freshman Kap G's just scored himself a big win. Recently, the RIAA revealed the Atlanta rapper's 2016 single, titled "Girlfriend," has officially gone gold, meaning it's sold at least 500,000 copies. Dope.

"Girlfriend" is a playfully ruthless song about Kap G stealing other people's girlfriends before cutting ties with them a short time later. The hook for the track, which is about as catchy as it gets, lays out Kap G's day of girl-stealing plainly.

“I just took a flick with your girlfriend/I be kicking shit with your girlfriend/I just smoked a blunt with your girlfriend/I think that I'm done with your girlfriend/All up in my business she be lurkin,” Kap half-sings in the chorus for the song.

Speaking with us on the day we shot the 2017 XXL Freshman cover issue, Kap explained the qualities that have enabled his rise in the music industry. "I feel like I was chosen as a Freshman because I think a lot of artists nowadays, you don’t really see them being different, being themselves," the Mexican rapper explained.

He continued, "A lot of people sound the same and I feel like they can see that I’m representing something new. Although I’m young and I talk about all that fun shit, I also talk about real shit too that my culture can relate to. People see my vision and like I said, I’ve just been going straight to the top ever since I started. It feels good to be acknowledged by the hip-hop community. I think because I’ve been solid with everything that I’ve done. The music has spoken for itself and a lot of people from all walks in life have accepted my music. It’s really cool to see that support for me. You can’t deny talent and every year I’ve been coming with it."

Check out Kap G's "Girlfriend" video below. Also, be sure to peep his 2017 XXL Freshman freestyle and interview.

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