On June 16, real estate mogul and TV reality star, Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign for the oval office. However, during Trump's lengthy 45-minute speech announcing his intention to become the President of the United States in 2016, the New York native created major controversy with repeated anti-Mexican slurs, costing Trump tens of millions of dollars in lost corporate partnerships and, presumably, the Latino vote.

Trump's insensitive remarks about Mexican people—whom he called criminals, drug dealers and rapists—have created quite a stir among celebrities and hip-hop artists. One of the first to speak out on Trump's controversial speech was his former pal, Wyclef Jean, who took a stand against Trump during a recent performance by publicly denouncing his friendship with the real estate mogul. As more celebrities come forward to condemn The Donald—in recent months, Meek Mill, Waka Flocka Flame, Pitbull and Flo Rida, among others, have spoken out—Mexican-American rapper Kap G becomes the latest hip-hop artists to take a stand against Trump and speak up on behalf of the Mexican community.

"Donald Trump was very ignorant for saying what he said," Kap told XXL in a phone call late last night. "To label all of us all as rapists is very wrong of him. We, as Mexican people, are very family-oriented, hard working people, so I am very disgusted by his comments. Donald Trump will never know how it feels to be in our shoes, but not just us, all minorities. So at the end of the day, only God can judge us."

Always one to speak out on social issues and the injustices in the U.S., Kap G proudly flaunts his Mexican heritage through his music and his interviews and has considered himself as the young voice for his people. Enraged by the comments made by Trump, the "La Policia" MC also had a special message for Trump.

"I will tell Donald Trump this country started with immigrants and, like I said in one of my songs, 'Kick out illegals, you kick out amigos/Trust me this whole economy gonna crash,'" Kap G said. "We got something to say, no matter how you, the world, or whoever views [us]. We're going to make it happen by any means."