Jay Electronica's long-delayed debut album, Act II: Patents Of Nobility, is almost completed, according to Jay Elect's producer, Just Blaze. Blaze claims in an interview with Vlad TV that the album is "pretty much done" except for a few, small additions and tweaks to the upcoming LP.

“He did a lot of the beats himself then I came in and produced the songs,” Just Blaze revealed. “He’s still formulating it in his head. He’s just in his own zone and he’s gonna do it when he’s ready…I feel like the album needs a slight bit more touching up. Just in terms of like—not that it needs more songs. The reality of it is there’s like a couple of songs that maybe he needs to do a verse over on…Maybe a song or two that needs maybe a string arrangement or something. But for the most part the core of the album is there. It’s pretty much done.”

During the interview, Blaze also spoke to Vlad TV on why the project is taking so long to come to fruition.

“The situation is Jay moves at his own pace…He always moved at his own pace,” said Just Blaze. “I think the problem is now is that before there wasn’t any anticipation. That anticipation came, but he’s still just kinda like ‘Hey, my train’s on schedule.’ He loves to say that. That’s his saying…He has his own personal reasons for the way he moves. There is an album. It’s actually a damn good album.”

[Via VladTV]