Joey Bada$$ is looking for the silver lining in Donald Trump's presidency.

Ahead of the release of his sophomore album ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ early next month, the Brooklyn rapper sat down with CNN (March 21) to talk about the distinct political nature of his new music and what the record will mean in President Trump's America.

"[Trump] revealed that [racism] is still alive and well—that there's still bigots out there. He exposed the bigotry that still exists in this country even after a black president," Joey told CNN. The Pro Era leader goes on to say that his new batch of music is inspired by a sense of responsibility he feels as a young leader to speak on political issues that impact his generation. He even feels the "silver lining" in Trump's presidency is the surge of "more uplifting" music.

"The music has taken a shift now. I'm not the only artist the feels this way," Joey said. "Everyone is starting to feel somewhat responsible because we're realizing the power that we have as individuals, as musicians, as people with high influence."

Badmon's ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ LP is set to boast features from ScHoolboy Q and J. Cole and has already been propelled by the political music video for the song "Land of the Free."

Joey has made his contempt for President Trump known plenty of times, even turning down an invitation to perform at the inauguration. It was reported earlier this week that the rapper's currently in hot water over roughing up a President Trump impersonator last year. Joey pushed Phillip Wilburn offstage during an MTV performance last September and Wilburn is suing Joey for it to the tune of $1.5 million.

Joey's new album drops April 7. Pre-order for the album is available now via iTunes.

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