The news of Alton Sterling's death and the disturbing footage showing it has inspired outrage throughout the county, as yet another black male has been gunned down by police. Plenty in hip-hop have offered words either of anger, sadness or change, with Drake penning an open letter full of fear and The Game calling for action against police brutality.

Joining the conversation Wednesday evening (July 6) was Joey Bada$$ who posted the above photo to Instagram with a lengthy caption suggesting that the recent and troubling history of such killings are taking place with ulterior motives. "What the government is doing amongst our people is downright disturbing but not surprising. With all of the conflict and propaganda, I believe they are simply trying to start a civil war within the USA amongst black & white," he wrote. "They are simply pushing us to our limit so that we can all get together and rebel so that it makes it easier for them to kill us."

He continues, "The cancerous foods, the chemical warfare, and the economic suffering is not working fast enough for them. They are many steps ahead of us in manifesting the future that they want for this country. We have to work together in not only battling them on a physical plane but to outsmart them on an intellectual mental level."

Joey goes on to ask that gangs protect their communities rather than contribute to their demise, and echoes a sentiment widely shared by protesters and activists, that police don't place the same value on black lives as they do with others.

Read Joey's full comments up top.

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