Jimmy Wopo has had a roller coaster year, but now that he's out from his two-month stint behind bars, he's keeping his focus back on the music. The Pittsburgh rapper releases the music video for his "Jimmy Bonds" record, which sees him painting the pictures of the song's lyrics about his Steel City’s Hill District neighborhood.

The entertainer walks through the neighborhood shirtless, while coming across some of the local residents as he raps about his come-up over the past couple of years. The new video is directed by Headshot Films and C4, which features him counting his cash, playing chess, and hanging out with some of his boys.

Last month, Wopo was released from Allegheny County Jail, and started his comeback with a bang by dropping 10 new songs for fans. He is currently preparing his Back Against The Wall project, which will follow in the footsteps of his previously released Jordan Kobe tape.

XXL also spoke with the "Westbrook" rising star earlier this year, where he mentioned where his style stems from.

“On a couple of jams, like ‘Elm City,’ they say I have an Eazy-E sound," the rapper explains. "When I heard that I kind of agreed a little bit to that shit. People say I got a West Coast sound. Me myself, I just think [my sound] is original, I can be anywhere.”

Check out the brand new music video for Jimmy Wopo's "Jimmy Bonds" record below.

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