Jefe is running things in his hometown. The D.C. rapper makes that clear in the new music video for his song "Errywhere." The former XXL Freshman travels around his city, posts up in front of the Washington Monument and delivers some swagger-filled rhymes in his latest visual.

"I’m on top of the mountains, and I’m screaming fuck the world/My bitch so bad she look just like a Powerpuff Girl/1942, come and take shots till you hurl/I wake up like who you, I got some missed calls from my girl/Chain lighting up the room like I’m a damn electrician/I got some little buddies tryna see what's up witcha/And one thing that I learn is that ya never trust niggas/And if I have a daughter she can’t fuck with fuck niggas," Jefe raps.

Jefe is beginning a new chapter in his career thanks to his name change. The D.C. rhymer built a significant brand as Shy Glizzy, but decided it was time to switch things up.

“I’m just rebranding myself. Reinventing on a whole higher level,” Glizzy told The Fader. “I earned the title Jefe. It comes with maturity, more responsibility, and putting more people in the position of being a boss in every aspect. With a name like that, you don’t have a choice. From the get go I’ve been putting on for the city. That’s already been established. As Jefe, Shy Glizzy, or whatever name I’m going by — as a person, I represent for D.C. in every way possible.”

Plenty of rappers have tried to change it up before falling back to their original monikers, so it will be interesting to see if Jefe lasts. At the very least, the former Shy Glizzy's The World Is Yours EP will go down as an official release under the Jefe name.

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