Yesterday, Dame Dash and Cam'Ron revealed that the two were going to open a restaurant. Now, the duo of Jadakiss and Styles P have a new venture of their own. The two have decided to open a juice bar in their hometown of Yonkers in hopes of ending the increased amount of violence taking place in their community.

"We want to bring unity to the youth who are engaging in all of this nonsense," said Jadakiss. "Here, you pretty much know everybody. As I said before, love is love is our slogan. We don't tolerate no violence. We're going to try to settle them down, give them a juice, and help them rectify whatever differences they're going through, because violence and juice don't go together," continued  Jadakiss after the he and Styles, alongside the Mayor of Yonkers, were all present to the cut the ribbon on their new bar.

It shouldn't be a surprise that the duo decided to open up a juice bar, considering Styles P has his own bar, Juices For Life, up and running in the Bronx. "It takes a village, they say, to raise a kid. So, it's up to all of us as a community to make sure we do that,"said Styles P. "We're from here. We care about the town, we care about this place. This is the place that made us big."

Check out the footage below of the two cutting the ribbon down to their newly established juice bar.


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