In one of the stranger stories of the week, Immortal Technique was revealed to be a high school bully of Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. The revelation occurred during Miranda's appearance on Marc Maron's WTF podcast, but it quickly took a life of its own as the soundbite spread across the Internet. Immortal Technique decided to clarify the situation with a lengthy statement.

"The other day, in response to a slew of articles that came out about my young life, Lin-Manuel Miranda and many others were gracious enough to point out the changes I have made and the humanitarian actions I have been a part of since high school," he wrote. "After listening to the podcast that all of this originated from, we both found the clickbait headlines misleading. It was a story about personal growth and redemption, and people twisted it into us being long-time adversaries."

Immortal Technique said that he and Miranda are actually friends now. The two have bonded due to the rapper's maturation and their mutual support of good causes

"We have always been very proud of each others' success, and we even joked about these articles with each other on Twitter over the weekend," Immortal Technique continued. "To this day, I’m appreciative to say that we are friends, we are both staunch supporters of immigrant rights, and we will continue the fight against bigotry in our respective ways. I guess I could've taken the humorous route and said something like, 'And you thought it was hard for YOU to get tickets to Hamilton.' I just thought, that without a larger context, something could be lost in all this friendly exchange. I wouldn't want my supporters to get the impression that anyone was trying to normalize childish bullying, especially coming from someone who now fights for others."

You can read Immortal Technique's full statement over at Complex.

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