Last month, Ice Cube shed light on the upcoming NWA biopic, but now news has surfaced accusing the cultural icon of foul play. According to Kokane, a rapper that was signed to Eazy-E's Ruthless Records, Cube has yet to reach out to the deceased legend's family for their involvement in the film's production. The G-Funk ambassador is afraid his mentor's legacy might be misrepresented.

Kokane explained, "Ice Cube, I don't fault you for doing this movie. You're a genius, and you show that stereotypes can be lifted off of us, but at the same time you are doing something that's wrong and foul. You're purposely leaving out certain information that is vital to the story."

"It's sad cause you see Cube, you see all these people doing this N.W.A movie honoring Eazy, but they're not even getting internal,” he added. The California native continued, "They're lying saying that they're getting in touch with people, but Eazy's children didn't even get a phone call. I didn't get a phone call. Above The Law didn't get a phone call and it's like they're doing it for profit, but they're not doing it authentically from the heart. It's unethical and it's foul. it's like you don't care. You guys care about getting money. But you know the good thing about it: There's always hope out there to have the real story told. It's increments. You gotta go back and touch the people if you wanna get the truth, because there's so much blockage as far as capital. It's a story that if it's told right and somebody can crack open this thing wide enough, everything else is gonna be the prototype for every other story. Trust me."