Peter Rosenberg and Shia LaBeouf trading diss tracks is a clear sign that 2016 needs to be put in rice. The feud that nobody asked for continues with a response from Rosenberg. The Hot 97 DJ fires back at LaBeouf, spitting some insults about the actor's career.

"Don't let the Internet gas you, you ass too/Acting weird cause your acting career's past you/Transformers, you ain't Megatron, you micro dick/This whole battle's jsut micro shit/Plus I guarantee neither one of us knows how to rhyme/Mr. Optimus, way past your Prime/I'm deadass yo, that means I rep NY, pass in the hood/Your should probably stay your ass from the wood/Not Ingle, got to movie premieres with douchebags and mingle/Link up with Joaquin Phoenix and drop singles," Rosenberg raps.

Rosenberg wrapped up the freestyle by commending LaBeouf for being a hip-hop head. Perhaps that peace offering will finally put an end to this ridiculous beef, which began when Rosenberg took shots at LaBeouf in a freestyle.

"Shia LaBeouf, you gotta face facts/You only started rapping ‘cuz your film career is wack/Speaking of wack, your tattoos are that/If you saw B.I.G. you would prolly get slapped/Matter of fact, don’t rap on his tracks/Don’t mention his name, don’t open your yap," Rosenberg rapped.

LaBeouf came back at Rosenberg with a freestyle that also dissed Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy. The actor clowned Hot 97 and said Rosenberg was old news.

"Faker than Drake’s Jamaican accent/Old as fuck dog, you’re past tense/Stagnant, sure don’t miss you when you’re absent/You’re lacking/To Sway and Charlemagne, you’re a fraction," LaBeouf rapped.

Based on LaBeouf's past actions, he will probably release a new Rosenberg diss track by the end of the week. If he does, there's sure to be some bars for Soulja Boy in it too.

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