Heavy D's brother, Floyd Meyers, caught up with MTV News yesterday (November 17) during his public viewing in Mount Vernon, New York, to share some kind words about the late great rapper.

"Heav was in great shape," Meyers said about Heavy D's health at the time of his death. "You guys seen him at the BET awards. He just did the tribute to Michael Jackson, they flew him out to london to do that. Heav was in great shape, healthy, no heart problems. He constantly made sure his health was in check."

Meyers also talked about Heavy D's extreme love for his daughter Xia Meyers, adding that the family has created a Heavy D and Xia Meyers fund to make sure his daughter is "right for the rest of her life."

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As per his legacy, even thought Meyers was business partners with Heav and spoke to him everyday (he spoke to him just the day before he passed), he admits he didn't realize the magnitude of his influence.

"I didn't realize how he built his legacy and how it stands today because of the things he's done and not done over the years," he explained. "It was just certain things Heav wouldn't do. We used to riff at him, 'that's a lot of money you're turning down!' Maybe if he would've did those things his legacy wouldn't be sealed the way it is today.

"I had to explain to my family, he's going to be remembered, man," Meyers continued. "I look at his catalog and it's sic, it's hefty. I look at the thousand of pictures, then I look at his friends and I look at the fans that support. I can't say enough for his friends like Puff, Andre [Harrell], Russell [Simmons]... Besides the famous guys, the regular dudes on the streets that are showing love to my family. It's taking the sting out a little bit."—Gina Montana

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