It's not quite a threatening letter from the FBI, but it's still a badge of honor, of sorts. On Thanksgiving morning, Cesar Baldelomar was pulled over and issued three tickets while en route to his mother's house in a MIami suburb. His crime? Playing N.W.A.'s "Fuck Tha Police."

Baldelomar, a Harvard graduate studying law at Florida International, was pulled over at 24th Avenue and West 60th Street in Hialeah by an officer named Harold Garzon. Garzon—who has racked up 16 internal affairs investigations in 17 years—cited a noise pollution law that was struck down in 2012.

When Baldelomar, who had studied that case in school, pointed this out, Garzon became hostile, issuing tickets for electronic proof of insurance, as opposed to paper (the law allows either), not wearing a seatbelt (Baldelomar says he not only wore one while driving, but was wearing one when he received the ticket), and having out-of-state license plates (Baldelomar is still a legal resident of Massachusetts).

Baldelomar plans to fight the tickets in court.