Today, Sept. 18, marks the birthday of West Coast rapper, Xzibit! X turns 44 years old today.

Alvin Joiner was born on Sept. 18, 1974 and is one of the most notable West Coast rappers of all-time. Starting his career with an appearance on the Alkaholik's classic album Coast II Coast in 1995, X To The Z has enjoyed one of the most diverse careers in hip-hop history. Appearing on numerous classic albums and songs including Dr. Dre's 6-times platinum 2001, Xzibit hit platinum in 2000 with his album, Restless. Xzibit is also notable for being the host of MTV reality show, Pimp My Ride, which became a national phenomenon that ran from 2004 to 2007.

Xzibit also made numerous guest appearances in television and films as an actor, as well. In 2016, the rapper scored a recurring role on the FOX show Empire, playing the role of Leslie "Shyne" Johnson, a figure described as “100 percent wolf and 100 percent gangster."

Although X typically stays out of controversy, earlier this year, X chimed in about a younger rhymer's dig at a West Coast legend. When Chance The Rapper’s dissed an Dr. Dre’s label Aftermath while on tour, X to the Z made his stance very clear. “These people dissing Dr. Dre, they need to get off their cell phones for about a week and come back to reality,” Xzibit told Variety. “They have no idea. Do what he did and then talk to me.”

Happy Birthday, Xzibit!

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