Today, Feb. 8, is the birthday of Rich Boy, who now turns 35.

Born as Maurice Richards in Alabama in 1983, a young Rich Boy was very much committed to his dream of becoming a well-known rapper. He dropped out of Tuskegee University in the early 2000s so he could pursue his rap goals. His decision to leave the school's mechanical engineering program paid off in 2006, when he dropped the biggest hit of his career, "Throw Some D's."

Rich Boy's debut single was infectious, taking over both the radios and televisions of rap fans all across the country. The upbeat song, which was about buying rims and enjoying the good life, had a bounce and exuberance unlike anything else out at the time. At that point, Rich Boy was a new name in the rap game and he was tied to producer Polow Da Don, who was already an established hit-maker in the industry. The two collaborated (along with a producer named Butta) for one of the biggest songs in either of their careers.

"Throw Some D's" still has one of the most memorable hooks in hip-hop. There's not too many people who don't know the words "Rich Boy selling crack/Fuck niggas wanna jack/Shit tight no slack/Just bought a Cadillac/Throw some D's on that bitch!" Between the hook, beat and Rich Boy's fresh new sound, it wasn't all that surprising when the song went platinum.

Riding the momentum of "Throw Some D's," Rich Boy dropped his self-titled debut album album in 2007, the same year he was named a XXL Freshman. After numerous mixtapes, Rich Boy dropped his sophomore album Break The Pot in 2013. In more recent news, he was just added to the hip-hop exhibit in Alabama's Music Hall of Fame.

Happy Birthday, Rich Boy!

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