Today, July 7, is the birthday of Philadelphia rapper Cassidy, 36.

Born Barry Reese, Cassidy has been bubbling in the Philly rap battle scene and fighting his way to the mainstream for years. He first caught the ears of America when he dropped the 2003 single, "Hotel" featuring established R&B crooner R. Kelly. The same song later appeared on Cassidy's debut album, Split Personality, in 2004 and helped him get to certified Gold status in little over a month.

Even though he's dropped four more successful albums, Cass has never been one to forget his rap battle roots or his past beefs, most notably with fellow Philly MC Meek Mill. Cassidy often agrees then debunks rumors of battles like he did in 2014 against Dizaster. Cassidy once called out the new wave of "non-lyricist" rappers like Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty delivering a slight diss to the young bloods while at the Ruff Ryder's 20th anniversary show.

Happy Birthday, Cassidy!

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