For those not in tune with the latest Broadway happenings, the hip-hop play Hamilton has been the toughest ticket in New York for some time. Opening in August, Hamilton became the second highest grossing play in New York by Labor Day. Now, as Billboard reports, PBS has announced that a behind-the-scenes documentary about the play titled "Hamilton's America" will air this fall on the networks "Great Performances" showcase.

The play stars Lin-Manuel Miranda (pictured above) as Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Miranda wrote the play as well, and received the MacArthur Genius grant last year, which pays a total of $625,000 over five years in quarterly installments. In July, it was reported that The Roots will executive produce the original cast soundtrack. There is no release date for the soundtrack, though it is believed to drop this fall.

The PBS documentary is expected to include the musical's creative origins, some footage of the musical and interviews with Miranda and others, PBS said. PBS CEO Paula Kerger said that other outlets had expressed interest in a similar documentary, and that the network is "grateful and proud" to be working with Miranda. In 2009, PBS aired a similar documentary for Miranda's Tony Award-winning musical "In the Heights," which was also rap-based. Miranda and the Hamilton cast had previously been profiled by 60 Minutes, and in that interview, Miranda recalled not being able to afford Broadway tickets.

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