Bronx's Haddy Racks drops the vide for "My Lil Man," a song that follows the upstart expressing the struggle many face, based upon his own life experiences as he sought visitation rights with his son. In the video, which features Haddy's actual son, viewers watch the father and son go about their day. "My Lil Man" is produced by Buda and Grandz and appears on Haddy Racks' debut album Resumé.

Haddy has been generating buzz and had a pretty good 2016. After releasing his DJ Kay Slay mixtape Racketeering last January and his debut album, Resume, six months later, Racks took social media to a new level with a mixtape through Instagram titled MixtagramWe spoke to Haddy Racks for The Break and he talked about his goal in hip-hop.

“Just to bring substance back to music. I always thought that music was very diverse and you have your down South music, West Coast music, East Coast music, Midwest music. I feel like it’s not as diverse for me when I was growing up," he said. "What I want to bring back into hip-hop is substance music. Everybody is not able to go into the club and buy 500 bottles and drop 20 bands. I want to be the voice of the people who can’t do it. So when I make it, it gives them hope that they can do it. I want to give hope to people who follow Haddy Racks.”

Watch "My Lil Man" above.

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