New details have come to light in the alleged incident that resulted in the arrest of Gucci Mane last Friday (April 8).

According to a police report obtained by local NBC news affiliate in Atlanta, WXIA TV, a 36-year-old hair dresser, who has yet to be identified, claims to have met the Brick Squad leader on January 28 at South DeKalb Mall. She claims Gucci picked her up in a white Hummer and asked if she wanted to go out to breakfast.

She says a little after getting into the vehicle, she realized he was not taking her to eat. "(The woman) asked what was he doing and where were they going,” the report states. “Gucci Mane stated that he wanted to go to the hotel and that he would give her $150 dollars. (The woman) refused and stated just take me back to the mall, I can make my own money."

At that point, the supposed victim said Gucci opened the passenger side door, while still driving his car, and “shoved [her] several times in the side and shoulder area attempting to get her out of his vehicle.”

After allegedly getting pushed out of the car, the woman was taken to the Atlanta Medical Center where she complained of soreness and pain. She then applied for a warrant and appeared in court on April 1 to file a formal complaint, which resulted in Gucci’s arrest on misdemeanor battery charges.

As previously reported, Gooch was brought into custody following a visit to his probation officer one week later. He is currently being held on a $5,000 bond in DeKalb County Jail.

A spokesperson for the DeKalb County sheriff, Sgt Adrion Bell, told the reason Gucci has yet to be released on the minimal bond stems from probation violation charges in a Fulton County, stemming from the terms of a 2005 aggravated assault conviction.

“Anytime you have a probation violation it’s not as simple as just bonding out,” he explained to XXL. “[Officers] from the other county have not come and gotten him. So he cannot bond out from a probation violation that’s wanted in another county here. He has to go there and answer those charges.”

“Typically once [a suspect has] answered his charges here, typically [officers from other counties] will come and get him,” he added. “But that’s totally up to them as to when they do. And it would be totally up to the judge in that probation hearing to decide whether or not they are going to let him out on that probation bond, it could be that they revoke the probation, [but] they might just say, ‘OK you have to serve X amount of time doing this,’ so it’s a totally separate charge and totally separate hearing.”

As of press time, Gucci Mane’s lawyer has not returned phone calls for comment. —Jesse Gissen

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