GoldLink is back with an entertaining new visual for "Crew," a track also featuring Brent Faiyaz and Jefe--aka, the rapper formerly known as Shy Glizzy.

The new video for "Crew" finds GoldLink and company dancing around on a packed basketball court in Washington, D.C. Jefe keeps it cool in the background as GoldLink and Faiyaz turn up in front.

The song itself focuses on the classic narrative about girls who once spurned a rap star wanting their attention once said rap star has made it big. Faiyaz handles the hook with his delicately smooth voice, singing, "She see money all around me/I look like I'm the man, yeah/But I was down and out like last week/Tell me where have you been?/You came out of hiding, girl/Don't act like I'm your man/You just a fan, you don't hold rank/Don't hold no rank."

GoldLink and Jefe rap in consecutive verses on the song, and they both turn in rapid-fire flows for the uniquely paced Teddy Walton-produced instrumental. GoldLink's verse definitely matches Faiyaz's hook in terms of coolness, and ends up being the standout of the track.

Rapping with a calm but frenetic energy, GoldLink spits, "Bet against a real ass nigga with/a sick ass mouth/And a slick ass flow/Catch-a-bullet-'round-me-nigga and a player when/I'm comin' for the kitty, I'm a fool, goddamn/Do it for my niggas in the ghost right there/Do it for my niggas in the ghost right now/Niggas got killed for the boy living dreams in the hills."

This isn't the first time the two DMV artists have linked up. Last year, XXL took the rappers on a field trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Experience the the visual for yourself below.

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