NFL player Ray Rice’s assault has been the central topic of many discussions this week.

Here's the timeline: On Feb. 15 Rice allegedly struck his then Fiancée Janay Palmer unconscious in a casino elevator in Atlantic City, N.J. A video surfaced online showing Rice dragging an unconscious Palmer out of the elevator. Rice pleaded not guilty to a third-degree charge of aggravated assault and avoided trial by being accepted into a pretrial intervention program in May. He was then suspended by the NFL for the first two games of the 2014 season, resulting in the loss of $529,411.24. The couple would also get married a month after the alleged attack.

Since then, footage involving the incident was released on TMZ  the morning of Sept. 8, showing what actually happened inside the elevator. Rice's contract was terminated by the Baltimore Ravens, the NFL banned the running back indefinitely from the league and his Alma Mater Rutgers University removed photos of him from High Point Solutions Stadium, and all the video of him in their highlight reel. To make matters worse, Ray Rice was dropped from Madden NFL 15 by EA Sports and lost his endorsement deal with Nike. Sept. 9, Ray Rice's wife, Janay Rice, issued her statement and Rice soon followed with his own statement.

Opinions have been flying around about the situation. Most are against Ray Rice and want the football player to be banned from the NFL for life. The National Organization for Women is calling for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to step down—especially since AP reports the NFL received the elevator video in April. However, West Coast rapper, Glasses Malone, has been very explicit on Twitter about the situation because he has a very different viewpoint. "I pray people learn the difference between an altercation vs abuse…" said Malone via his Twitter. XXL got Glasses Malone to discuss his controversial opinion on the Rice situation. —As told to Emmanuel C.M.

Glasses Malone: "If you hit someone, be prepared to get hit back. Women are fighting for rights to be equal. They think they are men. Now, I’m looking at Ray Rice and his wife and they look like they are intoxicated. She actually slaps him. They got in the elevator and she got in his face. Whatever they’re doing, that’s their couple thing. She hit him and he backed up. She rushed into him and he threw a check and then hit her. My point is, I get it, in your mind. Women are saying, 'oh you're stronger than us.' Then stop saying we're equal.

Does he deserve a suspension, sure. We don’t think it's okay for men and women to fight. So suspend him for two games. But to take away his pay and indefinitely suspend him when there’s worse things that's happening in the NFL, I don’t know if that’s really fair. I mean, if she got over [it] and married this man, she must have understood the place they’re in and she loves him. So for the rest of the world to come up with the act of chivalry—chivalry died with the Women's Rights Movement. It’s dead. All of these things link together and they leak into situations like this. Why would a woman physically challenge a man if you know he’s stronger?

I’m really disappointed in people, especially women. I’m feeling a certain way with men too. The idea of not hitting a woman is all within chivalry. You cannot do what a man does. That’s not your purpose in life, that’s not your role. The oxymoron is for a feminist group, a group that’s pushing equality to complain about this situation. This is how men deal with physical disagreements. If you assault, us we respond physically. [Look at] Solange in the elevator with Jay Z. Say she fuckin' drops Jay Z. She hits him and he falls. Now people looking at Jay Z saying you let Solange knock you out. Do you buy his records? Do you respect a man that allows a woman to knock him out? No you don’t. So why is Solange allowed to assault Jay Z? Say it's just family drama and she’s allowed at the next award [show]. If it’s the other way around, Jay Z is not allowed at the next award [show]. Stop pushing equality.

I believe a man should provide and protect for his family, and a woman should nurture and love hers. We have different roles, but we are not equal. My role and responsibility should be greater because God designed it to be greater.

I fought all of my best friends, we all had physical altercations with each other. Friends and partners fight. You can’t start a fight, then say afterwards that you’re being abused when you got hit back. You can’t do that. Everybody should be held accountable for their words and their actions. Watch what you say. His wife lost a fight. I’m not saying it's cool, but people who love each other fight. Get the fuck over it.

My views are very biblical. I never had to hit a woman. If you think I’m sexist, I’m not."