Trevell "G. Dep" Coleman was found guilty of second degree murder on Tuesday (April 17) after a jury took two days to deliberate at the Supreme Criminal Court in Lower Manhattan, New York.

Coleman, dressed in a beige sweater and pants, remained composed as the verdict was delivered. His wife, Crystal Sutton, and other family members, including his mother, brother and cousins, were also in attendance and were equally stunned to hear the decision. Once the verdict was read, Coleman looked over his shoulders at his wife, who wore sunglasses as she exited the room moments later, hiding her tears. The trial took five days to complete.

During the first half of the day, the jury asked once again to review the evidence presented in the case, which included Coleman's video-taped confession and the police's homicide logs. G-Dep's attorney, Anthony Ricco, continued to attempt to sway the jury that there wasn't enough substantial evidence to tie his client to the death of victim John Henkel. His final arguments, however, weren't enough to set Dep free. Coleman was found guilty under the felony murder law.

“They just could not get this story straight,” Ricco explained during his closing arguments. “Are we talking about the same event? I’m begging you to go into the jury room and use your common sense.”

It is unknown as of press time how much time Coleman will serve, but his attorney said it will not be surprising if the judge doesn't give him the minimum 15-year sentence of the 15-years-to-life Coleman faces.

"Trevell is a very courageous person, very different of people from this era: he has a conscience and a heart," Ricco told a group of reporters as he left the courtroom. "God doesn't leave you in the deep water to drown and hopefully Trevell won't drown.

"It's probably one of the most powerful statements that a rappers has ever made and that's to be accountable," he added in reference to G-Dep coming clean to the crime years later.

Coleman is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday, May 8. Check back with for more on this story. —Mariel Concepcion (@Mceezy) with reporting by Mark Lelinwalla (@XXL_Mark)

G. Dep’s murder trial began Tuesday (April 10) in New York’s Supreme Criminal Court andXXL is on deck, following the case. Check back with daily for the latest updates.

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