Frank Ocean really loves his stage name. In fact, he loves it so much he's applied to legally change his birth given name, Christopher Breaux, to the name fans have all grown to know. According to a recent TMZ report, Ocean's name change request has been denied due to outstanding driving violations and tickets accumulated in Los Angeles.

Back on Mar. 7, Ocean applied for the permanent change but he's racked up a few tickets along the way. In a short three month period, the singer received tickets for having expired insurance (June), driving with his headlights off (July), and driving 31 mph over the speed limit (August).

This year has been filled with obstacles for the artist, including some legal trouble from a man accusing Ocean, Jay Z and Kanye West of stealing his song. Instead of dealing with the tickets, Ocean skipped out on a few court hearings to clear his name, which is why the judge refused to accept his request until he cleans up his act.

Once Ocean's driving record is clean, he will have to reapply to change his name.